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Managed Services

Enterprise Efficiency through Excellence

NxtGen Managed Services are designed to help enterprises ensure high performance and sustainability of their business operations. Our services are responsible for the alignment of service management practices and strategies towards high value delivery to clients. Following are some of our offerings under the Managed Services umbrella.

  • Platform/ OS Management

    NxtGen Platform Management System helps enterprises reduce the time, costs and complexities associated with managing an end-user operation user platform. It reduces the cost and time involved in maintaining operating systems and ensuring reliable access to applications with minimal interruptions.
  • Database Management

    Our DBA Maintenance services help enterprises address challenges faced in managing increasingly complex and growing data portfolios, while meeting business expectations for peak performance and accessibility. Our 24x7 proactive monitoring team helps prevent instance downtimes/ systems crashes and fixes them proactively, enabling high availability and replication.
  • Network Management

    Network managed services provide single-point solutions to help you build, monitor, manage and support your Datacenter networks efficiently. Our SMEs and skilled staff, through constant proactive monitoring help reduce network complexity and gain optimal performance for your business.
  • Storage Management

    Storage optimization and management help improve your storage infrastructure and subscriptions for long-term and short-term replication services. Each service is focused and designed to consolidate or eliminate devices, improve access efficiency on solid state platform and tiering, and increase the effective capacity of your storage. It is offered as end-to-end managed services for data management needs.
  • Security Management

    Our security services focus on each and every aspect of your network, from infrastructure to devices. We support protection of information/ configuration assets and deploy some of the best process practices required to enable compliance and regulatory requirements of your business.
  • DRaaS Management

    Ensure the availability of your applications and data using incremental forever backup, and real-time replication to an on and/or off-premise data recovery, protection, reporting, and management. We perform a "requirement assessment" to begin the project, which helps define the overall solution design, implementation steps, and the administrative and reporting requirements.

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